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Jesse Sullivan is not your typical guitarist based from Seattle, Washington. He comes from the swing-era tradition of jazz with hundreds of songs from the Great American Songbook and songs popular today memorized in all 12 keys and everywhere in between! He prides himself not only in being a unique solo artist as well as a supportive and dynamic accompanist with years of experience collaborating with singers. Jesse's unique trademark sound employs a bevy of chord melodies and improvised chord solos that are reminiscent of the many jazz pianists he's influenced by and whatever comes in the spur of the musical moment. While touting his two archtop guitars, he enjoys playing pop styles of music as well. He takes much pride in that he's too pop to be jazz, and too jazz to be pop. 

Only three years removed from first learning the guitar, he began his professional career in 2009 as a young and aspiring jazz guitarist under the mentorship of Diana Page, one of the top jazz singers in Seattle region. He would later go on to attend the University of Southern California to study with Bruce Forman and graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Music with Cum Laude honors. He currently maintains a busy gigging schedule. Aside from gigging, he also provides remote music transcription services, song arrangement services, guitar and bass recording services.

In 2009 and 2011, Jesse Sullivan was selected out of hundreds of guitarists from Northwest region of the United States to perform with the 2009 All-Northwest Jazz Band and 2011 All-Northwest Jazz Choir. In 2011, he was one of eight students from the incoming class of students to receive the USC Thornton Faculty Award Scholarship. In 2016, he finished as the 5th runner-up in the 2016 Lee Ritenour Six String Theory International Guitar Competition. In 2017, as an accompanist to Tiia Freeman, was part of the winning duo in the 2017 Seattle Kobe Female Jazz Vocalist Competition. He was the first guitarist in the competition's history to have served as an accompanist to the winning vocalist setting a new bar for other guitarists to achieve. Jesse Sullivan is a musical innovator and continues to remain a force to be reckoned with.


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