I've had the privilege of studying with great musicians who were not only outstanding musicians and teachers but also amazing people off the bandstand. If it were not for teachers who I studied with like Jay Thomas in High School, and Kathleen Grace and Bruce Forman at USC, I wouldn't be half the musician I am today. I have a great passion for teaching not only to give back and be a mentor to younger generations but also to share the joy of music, something that I could not live without. I teach beginners as well as those who are looking to be better jazz guitarists. My goal as a teacher is to make the learning process fun and enjoyable! I pride myself with being a patient teacher who can present information in many different ways and who does his best to put students in a situation to attain their goals. 

There is nothing more frustrating for a student than feeling like they're treading water trying to teach themselves. My goal is to make the learning process as fun as possible! One of the ways I do that is giving the student the opportunity to experiment with improvisation and explore the instrument during lessons and for when they practice at home to supplement the more formal training. This helps students develop their own individual sound on the instrument from day one, is fun and interactive, and gives the student the chance to be creative when learning a new instrument. I also teach jazz theory and improvisation to non-guitar instruments! If you are at all interested in any lessons feel free to get a hold of me on the "Contact" page.