Jesse Sullivan



Jesse Sullivan is not your typical jazz guitarist based out of Seattle, Washington. He comes from the swing-era tradition of jazz with the Great American Songbook as his musical bible with a repertoire best described as "hey, that kid's a musical encyclopedia". He prides himself not only in being a unique solo artist who's best described as a pianist stuck in a guitar player's body, but also a supportive and dynamic accompanist with years of experience collaborating with singers (and secretly being a singer himself, shhhh. it's a secret!). Jesse's unique trademark sound employs a bevy of chord melodies and improvised chord solos that are reminiscent of the many jazz pianists he's influenced by and whatever comes in the spur of the musical moment. He currently maintains a busy gigging schedule around the Seattle and Pacific Northwest Area since graduating from the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music with Cum Laude Honors with a B.A. in Music Performance.